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My wrists ache now and the pain shoots up my arm

Stiffness in my fingers and pain in my palm

Ten years of massaging bringing relaxation and relief

Has taken its toll on my hands and my feet


Happy clients I had for many a year

But now I’m in need of a new career

I loved the soft gentleness doing reflexology

A fresh new start now, screams all of my astrology


To yoga I go and magnesium baths

To bring soothing relief to my aching parts

My body feels old a hormonal imbalance

For relief I turn inwards in search of the chalice


To find in my heart the answers to why

I am overcome with a constant need to cry

If all illness begins in the mental and emotional

I need to go inwards to heal, I pray in devotion


For relief from this pain on many a level

To release from myself the pain of this devil

With laughter and love a new phase begins

I am free to enjoy the rest of my innings

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In the now

I enjoyed it on the whole

Making the most


In the past

Memories distorted

I could access pain


Anxiety for the future

Triggered by experience

Bore no reality


But seemed seductive

All encompassing



Imagined fears

Stealing joy from the present

Exhaustingly unnecessary wasted time

Soft with five curved sides

I remembered it as yellow when I was a child

Now sold slightly green in the unrealised hope

It would turn yellow … I suppose


Nature provided it with a perfect natural package

Man, always knowing better, then wrapped it in plastic

I wondered if the toxins contained in the wrapping

Would seep into the fruit and then into us energy zapping


In Queensland we had three trees of the lady finger variety

Once a year each tree gave us a bunch delightfully

They would stack one on the other, building around the heavy stem

and be dumped on the kitchen floor when ripe and then


left to the fait of the children or bugs

which ever got their first in the moment of hugs

now here in the UK they are sold by their weight

After much travelling as they have been freight


I wonder the effects of the pollution they have suffered

On the thousand of miles of transportation they have endured

And I lament the freedom of my lost tropical garden

As we await the ripening of the green banana



I must let go

I have no choice

And slip quietly into the void


On the precipice

My state alters

my body blurs


It’s a fuzzy fog

Immobilizing my body

I have no resistance


The darkening comfort is bliss

I have been searching all day to experience this

A time and a place


Where nothing matters

I have respite from my crashing world

I care not now for your words


Or care to anything earthly or worldly

Just a softness that envelops me

And the calm of nothingness


Relieved to enter an alternate state

For as long as I can

Heavy feet in the morning from astral travel



I struggle to manifest my dreams

Bringing them into reality

From the thoughts my mind

And my experience harrowing


If I could shift consciously

To only be able to see

That it was all growth

And lessons meant to be


Then I could find the real me

Free from the burdens that limit

I could access the natural ecstasy I am meant to be

Surmounting the happiness summit


To manifest one must come from love and laughter

Feeling the joy the gifts will bring

With gratitude and humility

we find before us our favourite things


To change my gene expression

By surrounding my cells with bliss

So that I am connected

To my natural happiness that I miss


I consciously begin to control my thoughts

I see happiness in the littlest things

Then abundance comes and that which is bought

Is love, laughter, compassion, kindness and joy


Hot flushes at fifty-one my Chiron return

Emotions imbalanced completely absurd

No masking the healing with pharmaceutical delays

My hormonal feelings leaving me totally betrayed


The mask must fall my truth revealed

My skin is in need of a chemical peel

The inevitable change must now be faced

Emotional memories of a life dynamically embraced


Through trauma and trial and absolute delight

I grasp the old wounds to heal the plight

So the future beholds absolute calm and peace

The work to be done is profound and deep


My mission alone is against the tide of doctor’s advice

In moments of despair I am inclined to think twice

I am a force to be reckoned with imbalanced hormones at the ready

I must constantly fight a need to be petty


The future before me, I can get there

If only hot flushes didn’t bring such despair

I battle my mind, my thoughts and desires

To accept my own self and lessons I’ve acquired


I become the bold, the brave, the beautiful

Energetically clear of all that has hindered

The old crone I will become with knowledge and wisdom to share

My light begins to shine as I let go of every care


As I become the old crone with wisdom and knowledge

For myself I no longer need to forage

For I am here unhindered or privileged

Just being me and in all that is I take solace.


I gather a new enlightened sense of fun

And so it is forward into the sun

For those who have been challenged and released all their burdens

A wonderful life of delight is on offer to all humans



The salt tears sting my eyes as I embrace

The moment my gaze first fell on her face

To all who viewed her perfect form

They see the most beautiful human ever born


But the jealousy and hate from those without such exquisite demeanour

Plagued a teenager who was battling her own inner demons

Despairing her parents’ divorce

The loss of her loving family life troubled her, of course


She struggled and strived

And it is with great pride

That I tell you of her own success and achievement

As she graduates a Master of Psychology, herself and of life


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As I walked I could smell the rotting leaves

Of orange, brown and sometimes green

The rich earthy scent under icy blue skies

I felt my heart beat, I felt really alive


The musty closed house scented with fire

Escaped for a long walk into the briar

My nose is cold with the ice in the air

I spread my arms, kick the leaves without care


The warmth of the sun, out of the shadows

Delightful as I plod in the meadows

Then into the forest the scent of decay

I stop and give thanks for this marvellous day


My wellied feet go into a puddle

The long forest path becoming a muddle

It is covered so thick with deciduous foliage

I can’t find my way out of this puzzle


To the heavens I look for direction up there

I peer at the sun through the trees that are bare

And see in the distance the tower on the Tor

Ah home a direction I ever adore

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I need to jump from tree to tree

To cross the road and store my feed

Walking it is suicide

My home is in an Abbey hide

But breakfast is in the gardens across the street

Grasping the branch I use my feet


I have squirrelled and stored nuts all summer

Preparing for my winter supper

But there is more that I could get

From the bird table in a net

So, from branch to branch I must scupper

Here in the tree tops most upper


It’s a stretch the leaves are brown

There is ice now upon the ground

Precariously the branch gets thinner

But I must prepare for winter

I swing, I lean and fly above the sound

Of rushing cars upon the ground


Busy cars rush by

Over their heads I must fly

And grasp the twigs upon a tree

That sems to have been planted just for me

I launch myself into the sky

If I don’t get it right I might die


I grasp a twig upon a tree

I trust it is strong enough to carry me

Into my hide I carry the nuts

My cheeks like enormous lumps

This is the life that is meant for me

I see to my work like the busiest bee


Now empty the contents

The process never relents

For the snow of winter will soon be here

I want to keep my family safe and near

Nothing in the world prevents

Foraging for my favourite scents.

In ancient times to survive the plague.  The doctors were considered incredibly brave.  They donned a plague mask and filled it with herbs.  To protect themselves from the disease of the scurge

So now here we are in these new modern times all of us.  Sat at home to protect each other from a new strain of virus.  With nothing to do but research and read.  I find the old ways a refreshing seed

Of knowledge to explore and it is said.  And already explained by those who prepared.  Before this new age came to us now.  These people did their research and prepared the ground

They distilled the herbs and made essential oils.  From Ancient Egyptian times this wisdom has flourished.  I cannot recommend any of this without a licence.  So, take a view of my words with your own discretion

This is simply and nothing more than just a suggestion.  You must always make your own decision about your protection.  The following essential oils are thought to abound.  With healing and protective gifts grown in the ground

Many studies have been done and reside on the internet.  But it is up to you to research and make your own comment.  Said to contain antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.  On this subject the internet has fascinating prepared studies

Upon the internet if you search where there is more.  Information to be found but this is the blend I adore.  Clove Bud Oil, Rosemary Oil, Cinnamon leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Oil of Lemon.  The smell is refreshing as though sent from heaven

With this blend I am cleaning my door handles, surfaces and sills.  As I practice protecting us using ancient skills.  We can’t buy hand sanitiser from the supermarket anymore.  So, I have found other ways to protect my family and all

A few drops of each oil onto the water filled oil diffuser or burner.  I read on the net will kill airborne virus but I’m just a learner.  I don’t know if this is true and really don’t care.  I’m grateful for the placebo effect as I breath in the air

A few drops on a scarf to gently release as I walk.  I can pull it over my nose if people stop at a distance to talk.  They say that Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil have a similar effect.  But I am not at liberty to tell you about any of that

At home we grid the house with small pieces of crystal Selenite.  In the hope to create a protective bubble of light. This may be helpful, it may be not. But we have taken the decision to give it a shot.  Why not?  By researching it all I am learning a lot.

At the supermarket Colloidal Silver we spray upon our hands.  Before we reach for products displayed on the shelves and the stands.  A protective layer I seek between the virus and me.  I spray down the delivered post and parcels and hope, let us see

As I try to protect my love one’s I must implore.  I have no idea if this works except for the internet knowledge I have explored.  Of course, as with everything, it is your choice and decision.  It just didn’t feel right to keep these ideas hidden

No promise do I make of the protection it brings.  I am not licenced to mention any of these things.  But there are many who are, so search for their knowledge.  On the internet you will find much of their information and online courses at college

They say there is more we can do to protect and preserve.  Our wonderful families, our home and ourselves in this radical world.  Stay happy and positive as we all pull together.  To find new ways of making life better

To all those who risk their own lives daily.  Trying to heal those infected with this virus deadly.  My respect and good wishes as you all strive.  To bring peace to this earth and keep us alive

And again, let me remind you or else be remiss.  That I don’t know anything about any of this


40 drops clove bud essential oil, 35 drops lemon essential oil, 20 drops cinnamon bark essential oil, 15 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 10 drops rosemary essential oil.

35 drops clove essential oil, 30 drops lemon essential oil, 15 drops cinnamon bark essential oil, 13 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 7 drops rosemary essential oil, 10 ounces witch hazel or water (optional)

20 drops clove essential oil, 18 drops lemon essential oil, 10 drops cinnamon bark essential oil, 8 drops eucalyptus essential oil, drops rosemary essential oil

There are many more available as you search the internet 

Do not use directly on skin dilute roughly 20 drops in 2 tablespoons of carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut before applying to skin or using in the bath.  Lovely to massage diluted on the feet.  Patch test a drop on skin before use.  Not for internal use.  Avoid contact with eyes. 

My heart goes out to all whose precious loved ones have passed.  I cry to the powers that be Please take down the 5G masts.  I’m toying with the concept and it is just my personal thoughts and belief.  That some of our bodies can’t withstand the emissions and so all the grief