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    I went on a spiritual journey
    A global trot you’ll see
    To find the meaning of it all
    To find it inside of me
    It wasn’t all that pretty
    I had a lot to overcome
    The challenges were awesome
    A lot of it was fun
    If you’re a bored person
    Stuck in the 3D
    Escaping with a glass of wine
    And shopping spree
    Then this is a book to wake you up
    There is more to life
    I broke out of my gilded cage
    And ended all my strife
    My story is filled with pitfalls
    challenges and confusion
    I battled against the norm
    Until I let go of all illusion
    Follow me into the esoteric
    Learn about another life
    Of ancient wisdom and philosophy
    That exists upon this earth

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  2. I walk on the sandy shores, blue skies and pounding waves, I reach out into the infinite possibility or what is beyond, leaving the limitations of my human vehicle, searching for more. Inside my body sits a tangled mess of dense emotion, a heaviness that is cemented down, deep. Beyond the horizon, my soaring soul free and wild is unlimited. Inside my mind I visualise and draw an imaginary fisherman's net up from beneath my feet, encompassing my body. The weave so fine it collects all my pain as I draw it higher until it exits through my Crown Chakra. I throw it and its contents to the heavens above, no longer required.  And my soul slips back into my cleansed presence.


  3. Four years after she arrived she left - almost to the day,

    Farewell my friend, my mentor, my guide.

    It is done! She has no further purpose here.  And so it is, and time to move on.

    She left me with two soul mates and exactly in the place I needed to be - such beautiful gifts I will always treasure.

    I wrote her book for her the exchange was perfect.

    My tears of gratitude and joy and a sadness of separation as she leaves and leaves room for my next spirit guide - Only Love Wins.

  4. In 2015 I had a successful Crystal Shop and Therapy Room in my home town and a one day a week clinic at the Westlake Clinic, Harley St, London.  I was busy, super busy and I was taking on as much work as I could possibly do.  It was exhausting but fun and successful.  Then toward the end of the year I had a random rather silly accident that left me concussed.  The concussion was beautiful.  I could do nothing but rest and was unable to think about anything. 

    My mind felt a deep inner peace something I had always striven for but was never able to get close to achieving in the busy and complex 3D reality I had to be a part of for my survival on this illusionary planet.  But now I knew nothing but peace, deep peace in my mind and thorough relaxation.  I have since spoken to other people who have had concussion and many describe a similar experience. 

    After the initial down time, I found that if I thought about anything, even simple things like to groceries I needed, shooting pains would go through my head until I had to stop the thoughts.  It was like a form of aversion therapy.  You will not think about a thing or you will get pain.   The pain was worse if I worried.  It retrained my mind.  It wasn’t until late February / March time that thoughts and worries started to come back into my mind and it was awful when they did.  Worrying was something I did not want to happen.  I had loved the experience of being in the flow of life, just going about my business without fear or attachment to the outcome.  But the pain was subsiding and so negativity could slip in.  Now I had to take responsibility for keeping my thoughts extremely positive and happy, whilst staying grounded and practical here on the planet.

    Just at the time when I felt the pain had gone on too long and it was time to seek further medical advice Pauline McTimmony came into my shop and we spent quite some time together.  She said she was thinking of writing a book about her father’s life and chiropractic work.  She also explained about the concussion and the rewiring of the brain.  She told me that Edgar Cayce had a similar experience which lit me up.  All through the healing process I had felt that it was an incident in my life that was meant to be and would be for my highest and best good.  So it was wonderful to get a little understanding of the restructuring that had gone on and the new worriless life I was leading.

    I have always believed that your thoughts create your reality and worry was pointless.  So, if your thoughts create your reality then you will get your expected outcome and your thoughts are like prayers which will be answered.  I am fearful that X will happen and so it does etc.  Whatever you give energy to expands.  The shooting pains slowly lessened over a 5month period until they completely subsided and I had learnt not to worry about a thing, that it was best to get out of my own way and allow the universe to take me where I needed to be.

    In June and July I began writing a book which I am in the process of completing.  It is a simple novel that explores narcissistic behaviour and how energy healing and positive thoughts can help overcome mental and emotional abuse.  The sort of thing you might read by the pool on holiday or cosied up at home on a long winter evening but, hopefully, it also opens the mind to other aspects of life, healing, some of the possibilities out there and the importance of finding and being the real, authentic you.

    Then suddenly in August, as soon as I had said all I needed to say in my book, I took the decision to move to Glastonbury.  I needed my own soul’s growth.  Opportunities here immediately opened up for me and without worry or further thought I created this new reality for myself. 

    Yes letting go of my beloved shop, that I had built up from scratch and felt more like a cosy front room than a place of work, was hard but I felt excitement inside of me when I thought of Glastonbury.  I could feel my soul was excited to come here and think the experiences I will now have will further match the growth my soul seeks.  I also decided to release almost all of my possessions.  I had a deep inner knowing that I would no longer need them.  What I hadn’t realised was the incredible sense of freedom this would give me.  I know understand how bogged down and burdened I had become as the taking care of material items had limited my options in life.

    A month here now in the high vibration and I have gone through the initial exhaustion of having landed after such a rapid and physical time of packing up and selling off everything.  I have met so many amazing people and had some of the conversations my soul craved.  It has been a round of dinners and lunches and learning to relax, laugh and feel safe in a totally new environment.  I have taken to saying 'I don't know' to everyone.  It's a fabulous phrase that really opens me up to learning. Everyone is then free to express their interpretations of life the universe and everything and I get a more eclectic view on the world. I loved The Dolmen at the Faery Ball and have had visits from old friends. 

    So now to work, Oh yes my heart and soul need to work to feel fulfilled.  I will be back practicing next month, November 2016.

    Just a few links to show off my new home town

  5. Well I don't know how everyone is feeling but for me this Mercury retrograde is a big one.  With Mercury in four of my houses and four other planets retrograde it most certainly has been an interesting time.

    On average Mercury goes retrograde about 7 times every two years for a period of roughly 3 - 4 weeks.  When a planet goes retrograde it looks as though it is going backward in the sky and this period of reversal is known as a retrograde.  Because the planets, including us here on Earth, go around the sun in an ellipse rather than a circle an optical illusion of reverse direction occurs periodically with all planets.

    Both Gemini and Virgo astrological signs are governed by Mercury. People with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in either Gemini or Virgo will be more affected by a Mercury retrograde though it does affect the community as a whole.

    In general when Mercury is going retrograde it is not a good time to sign contracts, purchase anything mechanical or electrical as when Mercury goes direct you may not be so thrilled with the commitments or purchases you have made.  Communications can also break down so double check any travel plans. Computers, phones, mechanical and electrical items can breakdown too and be difficult or just more frustrating to sort out during these periods.  But it is a good time revaluate, reassess, review, research and revise any plans, projects or internal work that you may have going on.

    At the beginning of the current Mercury retrograde cycle my phone reset itself to factory settings and I lost all my old contact details.  This could have been distressing but I decided to see it as a shedding of the old.  It felt freeing to let go of my past - everything is in our perception.

    During this Mercury retrograde cycle my computer contracted a virus which is being sorted by a slightly OCD Gemini computer expert friend who is continually repairing and resolving more and more problems on it daily. It is frustrating but will be resolved by the time Mercury moves into forward motion on the 22nd of May and a new more efficient phase can begin.  Basically he is going deeper and deeper into the computer and resolving more hidden problems.  Mercury retrograde is a time to go deep to repair, to reassess and revaluate the structures of our lives.  A little like the depths of my computer are being repaired and restored so we can make these internal changes during a Mercury retrograde.

    Communication on all levels is affected thus the phone and computer problems.  Also the ability to misinterpret what someone is saying  and misunderstand their meaning or intention is heightened.

    It is a poor time to embark on a new venture or business.  Instead take this time to really look at and assess any projects you may want to begin.  It is a time to really evaluate the pros and cons and do research into your ideas so that when Mercury is fully direct again you are armed with all the information you need and can move ahead confidently.

    Beware of the bookend dates too. These are the days when a planet actually becomes stationary in the sky and then begins to travel in the opposite direct as the energies can be heightened on these days.

    It is also wise to respect the shadow period before and after a retrograde as we can still feel the effects of the retrograde during this time.  The pre shadow time is when the planet begins to slow down in anticipation of changing direction. The post shadow time is when it moves forward again and slowly gains speed until it is back to its normal movement.

    This year is a biggy with Mercury going retrograde 4 times.  It has already been retrograde from 5.1.16 - 25.1.16 with the shadow period extending its effects from 19.12.16 - 14.2.16.  Take a look back over this time and see if you experienced any delays or setbacks.  I do think a good way to evaluate the validity of astrology is to watch the patterns of you life in respect to the movement of the stars and see for your self.

    It is currently retrograde from 28.4.16 - 22.5.16 with the shadow periods running from 14.4.16 - 7.6.16 and I am fully in the effects of its backward movement right now.  How are you doing?

    It will go retrograde again on 30-8-16 - 22.9.16 with the shadow periods from 10.8.16 - 6.10.16 so take a look ahead at this one and structure life to accommodate the issues Mercury retrograde will create for smooth running during this time.

    And again it will retrograde on the 19.12.16 - 8.1.17 with shadow periods running from 1.12.16 - 22.1.17.  Get your Christmas shopping in early especially if you are buying electrical items and plan for delays in communications and travel over the holiday period.  It's a great feeling to just say 'oh it's the planets' when anything is delayed or goes wrong rather than taking it personally.

    I am not an astrologer I just have a huge interest in it and think it is a fun and helpful way to take advantage of the highs and survive the lows in life.

    Good luck with it all x

  6. This mornings channeling with Hilarion:

    ' I have come to tell you that great changes are happening at this time and your vision of a better planet is upon us.  As the light from so many souls on the planet shines brighter the dark steps further into fear and fights hard to keep its control but it will not sustain and a happier brighter tomorrow is with in our grasp.  The brighter each on of you shines their light the sooner this will happen. Stay focused on love and create a peaceful environment with in yourself & your life.  Step away from that which puts us into fear.  It begins within you.'

    So beautiful I thought I would share it with everyone.

    With love and light 


  7. Love and Fear

    Whatever you give energy to expands so keep your thoughts, feelings and emotions in love by letting go of all that does not serve you.  When you come from love you will have confidence as you know all your thoughts words and deeds have integrity and will you will have nothing to reproach yourself for.

    Ego is a tricky thing it is that little voice in your head that puts you down and stops you from being all that you can be.  Ego feeds on all these negative feelings and emotions .  Every thought you have is like a prayer to the universe and you will create what you have thought.  Your words have a vibration, raise that vibration.  Consciously shift out of fear into love.

    Fear - False Evidence Appearing Real …. And boy oh boy do we buy into it!!!!

    Fear is Illusion

    Put this list up on your fridge and when anything or anyone kicks off go and check it.

    Love - Gratitude Abundance Acceptance Amazing Appreciation Benevolent Blessings Calm Cheerfulness Comfort CompassionContentment Courage

    Creativity Discernment Ease Empathy Empowerment Forgiveness Freedom Friendly Fulfilment Generosity Good health and wellness Happiness Heart

    Honesty Idyllic Inspiration Integrity Joy Kindness Knowledge Laughter Letting go Light Openness Peace Personal responsibility Pleasant Plentiful 

    Positive Prosperity Relaxed Satisfaction Self - loving Self-belief Serenity Strength Thankfulness Tranquillity Trust Truth Warm Well being Wisdom

    Fear - False Evidence Appearing Real – EGO Illusion Abuse Anger Anguish BigotBitterness Blame Blocked Boring Closed Control Co-dependency

    Dark Dejection Depression Despair Despondency Discouragement Disheartenment Dishonest Drama Effort Forlorn Grief Grumpy Guilt Hopelessness

    Ignorance Illness Insecurity Jealousy Judgement Loss Manipulation Melancholia Misery Mundane Negative Nervous Pain Pessimism Racist 

    Resentment Scared Self-doubt Self - loathing Self-sabotage Shame Stress Struggle Unhappiness Victim War Worry Worthlessness


    Ask : Is this coming from love or fear? Is it your fear or is it theirs?

    People can truly love you but they go out of their heart spaces and into fear so they can act out of fear.

    Is it their stuff? Don’t take on their stuff! You can’t change anyone else only yourself, your perception of situations and your reactions to them.

    Shift further and further into love and the things that go on around you won’t touch you anymore.

    Cut the chords to anyone who is in fear and using it to trigger you.  It doesn’t mean they will go out of your life it simply means that they will stop projecting their fears onto you, putting you into fear, getting a fearful reaction from you and draining your energy.  When you act from love you will consciously choose not to allow them to do this and soon they will stop trying. 

    It is your energy protect it.

    With love and light


  8. Raising the vibration

    It is important to live in a high environment vibration so that when negative energies, trapped souls or anything of a low vibration comes into our energy fields we are protected by having a strong aura, Ka body and energy field.  A negative energy, trapped soul or lower vibration energy can enter the body when our vibration becomes low and we feel weakened.  

    Times of huge stress, depression, shock etc can lower the natural energy field or aura that we have around us.  This will happen when drugs or excessive alcohol is used too.  This negative energy needs to keep the person low in order to remain in the body and yes it will be thrilled it has grounded itself and will not want to give up lightly.  So it can be virtually impossible to come off drugs or alcohol dependency as the energy will need to keep you low to stay in the body.  When the vibration of the body is raised really high ie during an energy healing you feel naturally happy and bubbly and in a high vibrational place the energy can not sustain and will leave easily.  Ways to keep your vibration high – take a holistic approach by incorporating energy healing, surrounding yourself with crystals, eating an alkaline diet, take regular light exercise like doing the Tibetan 5 rites, meditation, laughter and living from your heart space.  If you suspect something has entered your auric field, you’ll notice mood swings, anger, not quite feeling yourself, weight gain, a lack of motivation, conflict and conflict within yourself etc, then do try energy healing to lift your spirits and become lighter.

    I have had clients who have reported weight loss, happiness, relaxation, standing up for themselves to get their needs met and had huge success with recovering from drug addiction after a course of healing treatments but as my disclaimer states : I cannot promise any result. If nothing else is working for you do give it a try!