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Well it's been busy here with lots of nice new stock in and summer clothes selling fast.

Most importantly I will be closed now on Wednesday's as I am working down in London.  My healing techniques and therapy work have evolved hugely this year and it was just time to take a step forward and start working on Harley Street which is an exciting new venture for me.  So far it has been really enjoyable and folks there seem very pleased.  If you would like references to my work then please do check out the guestbook on the  website and if you would like to add any comments then please do.  

Unfortunately this has pushed meditation class out of wack and it is struggling to find a home.  As so many people seem so busy at the moment and due to my mum being here  visiting from Australia, I think we will cancel it for the summer.  I have discussed this with many regulars and although they all kindly reassure me how much value they get from meditation class they are equally caught up with their busy lives so a pause for the summer seems the way forward.  And with the long sunny evenings you can always meditate in the garden which sounds delightful! It might be fun to have the odd impromptu meditation class so if anyone feels that they would like an evening then please do let me know.

Wishing you all warm sunny days, health and happiness


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