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The Root or Base Chakra is our foundation and it keeps us grounded.  It is located at the perineum or very base of the spine. It deals with our survival instincts such as food, shelter, financial and material needs.  It is heavily influenced in the first 7 years of our lives and if this chakra has not been healed of any emotional scars from that time then we may have over or under active issues around material needs, protection, safety, endurance, aggressiveness,  letting go and have poor boundaries. This can lead to depression, anxiousness, stress and restlessness.  When this chakra is balanced we feel healthy, alive free, optimistic, happy, steady and full of vitality. It is from here that we build a strong foundation for the other chakra's.

It is within our base chakra that we ground to the earth so gardening, clay work, walking on grass or dirt tracks, sitting on the ground etc all help with healing this chakra. Any red crystals help energise and cleans this chakra so use red garnet, ruby, red jasper etc. Wear red clothing to activate and heal this chakra or surround yourself with red objects. Health issues associated with the base chakra include issues with legs, sciatica, lower back pain, elimination problems, kidneys, piles etc.  Cleansing and clearing the chakras before blocks develop into physical illness is important as prevention is better than cure. Doing energy healing work can really help heal physical illness but do use it in combination with your doctors advice. Once things have gone so far that they present as a physical illness it is time for western medicine too. If western medicine hasn't helped heal try energy healing as well as western medicine to make a shift in the right direction.  I can not promise any results but I do have clients who have benefited. 

The word Chakra is from the Indian Sanskrit meaning ‘Wheel of spinning energy’.  We all have 7 main chakras and lots of minor chakras throughout our body.  These spinning wheels of energy have different functions within our bodies and I have just addressed the Base Chakra today.  The key to vibrant health is to clear the chakras of negative energy or emotional blocks, ensuring they are well-shaped and spinning optimally in a balanced manner so that life force or ‘chi’ can flow through us.  I like to take a holistic approach - the chakra’s benefit from regular cleansing and balancing as well as a healthy alkaline diet, gentle exercise, sufficient water intake and a positive mental attitude, though the positive mental attitude will be easier to achieve when the chakras are balanced, clean and clear.  Be kind to yourself.

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