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Raising the vibration

It is important to live in a high environment vibration so that when negative energies, trapped souls or anything of a low vibration comes into our energy fields we are protected by having a strong aura, Ka body and energy field.  A negative energy, trapped soul or lower vibration energy can enter the body when our vibration becomes low and we feel weakened.  

Times of huge stress, depression, shock etc can lower the natural energy field or aura that we have around us.  This will happen when drugs or excessive alcohol is used too.  This negative energy needs to keep the person low in order to remain in the body and yes it will be thrilled it has grounded itself and will not want to give up lightly.  So it can be virtually impossible to come off drugs or alcohol dependency as the energy will need to keep you low to stay in the body.  When the vibration of the body is raised really high ie during an energy healing you feel naturally happy and bubbly and in a high vibrational place the energy can not sustain and will leave easily.  Ways to keep your vibration high – take a holistic approach by incorporating energy healing, surrounding yourself with crystals, eating an alkaline diet, take regular light exercise like doing the Tibetan 5 rites, meditation, laughter and living from your heart space.  If you suspect something has entered your auric field, you’ll notice mood swings, anger, not quite feeling yourself, weight gain, a lack of motivation, conflict and conflict within yourself etc, then do try energy healing to lift your spirits and become lighter.

I have had clients who have reported weight loss, happiness, relaxation, standing up for themselves to get their needs met and had huge success with recovering from drug addiction after a course of healing treatments but as my disclaimer states : I cannot promise any result. If nothing else is working for you do give it a try!  

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