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Love and Fear

Whatever you give energy to expands so keep your thoughts, feelings and emotions in love by letting go of all that does not serve you.  When you come from love you will have confidence as you know all your thoughts words and deeds have integrity and will you will have nothing to reproach yourself for.

Ego is a tricky thing it is that little voice in your head that puts you down and stops you from being all that you can be.  Ego feeds on all these negative feelings and emotions .  Every thought you have is like a prayer to the universe and you will create what you have thought.  Your words have a vibration, raise that vibration.  Consciously shift out of fear into love.

Fear - False Evidence Appearing Real …. And boy oh boy do we buy into it!!!!

Fear is Illusion

Put this list up on your fridge and when anything or anyone kicks off go and check it.

Love - Gratitude Abundance Acceptance Amazing Appreciation Benevolent Blessings Calm Cheerfulness Comfort CompassionContentment Courage

Creativity Discernment Ease Empathy Empowerment Forgiveness Freedom Friendly Fulfilment Generosity Good health and wellness Happiness Heart

Honesty Idyllic Inspiration Integrity Joy Kindness Knowledge Laughter Letting go Light Openness Peace Personal responsibility Pleasant Plentiful 

Positive Prosperity Relaxed Satisfaction Self - loving Self-belief Serenity Strength Thankfulness Tranquillity Trust Truth Warm Well being Wisdom

Fear - False Evidence Appearing Real – EGO Illusion Abuse Anger Anguish BigotBitterness Blame Blocked Boring Closed Control Co-dependency

Dark Dejection Depression Despair Despondency Discouragement Disheartenment Dishonest Drama Effort Forlorn Grief Grumpy Guilt Hopelessness

Ignorance Illness Insecurity Jealousy Judgement Loss Manipulation Melancholia Misery Mundane Negative Nervous Pain Pessimism Racist 

Resentment Scared Self-doubt Self - loathing Self-sabotage Shame Stress Struggle Unhappiness Victim War Worry Worthlessness


Ask : Is this coming from love or fear? Is it your fear or is it theirs?

People can truly love you but they go out of their heart spaces and into fear so they can act out of fear.

Is it their stuff? Don’t take on their stuff! You can’t change anyone else only yourself, your perception of situations and your reactions to them.

Shift further and further into love and the things that go on around you won’t touch you anymore.

Cut the chords to anyone who is in fear and using it to trigger you.  It doesn’t mean they will go out of your life it simply means that they will stop projecting their fears onto you, putting you into fear, getting a fearful reaction from you and draining your energy.  When you act from love you will consciously choose not to allow them to do this and soon they will stop trying. 

It is your energy protect it.

With love and light


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