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In 2015 I had a successful Crystal Shop and Therapy Room in my home town and a one day a week clinic at the Westlake Clinic, Harley St, London.  I was busy, super busy and I was taking on as much work as I could possibly do.  It was exhausting but fun and successful.  Then toward the end of the year I had a random rather silly accident that left me concussed.  The concussion was beautiful.  I could do nothing but rest and was unable to think about anything. 

My mind felt a deep inner peace something I had always striven for but was never able to get close to achieving in the busy and complex 3D reality I had to be a part of for my survival on this illusionary planet.  But now I knew nothing but peace, deep peace in my mind and thorough relaxation.  I have since spoken to other people who have had concussion and many describe a similar experience. 

After the initial down time, I found that if I thought about anything, even simple things like to groceries I needed, shooting pains would go through my head until I had to stop the thoughts.  It was like a form of aversion therapy.  You will not think about a thing or you will get pain.   The pain was worse if I worried.  It retrained my mind.  It wasn’t until late February / March time that thoughts and worries started to come back into my mind and it was awful when they did.  Worrying was something I did not want to happen.  I had loved the experience of being in the flow of life, just going about my business without fear or attachment to the outcome.  But the pain was subsiding and so negativity could slip in.  Now I had to take responsibility for keeping my thoughts extremely positive and happy, whilst staying grounded and practical here on the planet.

Just at the time when I felt the pain had gone on too long and it was time to seek further medical advice Pauline McTimmony came into my shop and we spent quite some time together.  She said she was thinking of writing a book about her father’s life and chiropractic work.  She also explained about the concussion and the rewiring of the brain.  She told me that Edgar Cayce had a similar experience which lit me up.  All through the healing process I had felt that it was an incident in my life that was meant to be and would be for my highest and best good.  So it was wonderful to get a little understanding of the restructuring that had gone on and the new worriless life I was leading.

I have always believed that your thoughts create your reality and worry was pointless.  So, if your thoughts create your reality then you will get your expected outcome and your thoughts are like prayers which will be answered.  I am fearful that X will happen and so it does etc.  Whatever you give energy to expands.  The shooting pains slowly lessened over a 5month period until they completely subsided and I had learnt not to worry about a thing, that it was best to get out of my own way and allow the universe to take me where I needed to be.

In June and July I began writing a book which I am in the process of completing.  It is a simple novel that explores narcissistic behaviour and how energy healing and positive thoughts can help overcome mental and emotional abuse.  The sort of thing you might read by the pool on holiday or cosied up at home on a long winter evening but, hopefully, it also opens the mind to other aspects of life, healing, some of the possibilities out there and the importance of finding and being the real, authentic you.

Then suddenly in August, as soon as I had said all I needed to say in my book, I took the decision to move to Glastonbury.  I needed my own soul’s growth.  Opportunities here immediately opened up for me and without worry or further thought I created this new reality for myself. 

Yes letting go of my beloved shop, that I had built up from scratch and felt more like a cosy front room than a place of work, was hard but I felt excitement inside of me when I thought of Glastonbury.  I could feel my soul was excited to come here and think the experiences I will now have will further match the growth my soul seeks.  I also decided to release almost all of my possessions.  I had a deep inner knowing that I would no longer need them.  What I hadn’t realised was the incredible sense of freedom this would give me.  I know understand how bogged down and burdened I had become as the taking care of material items had limited my options in life.

A month here now in the high vibration and I have gone through the initial exhaustion of having landed after such a rapid and physical time of packing up and selling off everything.  I have met so many amazing people and had some of the conversations my soul craved.  It has been a round of dinners and lunches and learning to relax, laugh and feel safe in a totally new environment.  I have taken to saying 'I don't know' to everyone.  It's a fabulous phrase that really opens me up to learning. Everyone is then free to express their interpretations of life the universe and everything and I get a more eclectic view on the world. I loved The Dolmen at the Faery Ball and have had visits from old friends. 

So now to work, Oh yes my heart and soul need to work to feel fulfilled.  I will be back practicing next month, November 2016.

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