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  1. I walk on the sandy shores, blue skies and pounding waves, I reach out into the infinite possibility or what is beyond, leaving the limitations of my human vehicle, searching for more. Inside my body sits a tangled mess of dense emotion, a heaviness that is cemented down, deep. Beyond the horizon, my soaring soul free and wild is unlimited. Inside my mind I visualise and draw an imaginary fisherman's net up from beneath my feet, encompassing my body. The weave so fine it collects all my pain as I draw it higher until it exits through my Crown Chakra. I throw it and its contents to the heavens above, no longer required.  And my soul slips back into my cleansed presence.


  2. Four years after she arrived she left - almost to the day,

    Farewell my friend, my mentor, my guide.

    It is done! She has no further purpose here.  And so it is, and time to move on.

    She left me with two soul mates and exactly in the place I needed to be - such beautiful gifts I will always treasure.

    I wrote her book for her the exchange was perfect.

    My tears of gratitude and joy and a sadness of separation as she leaves and leaves room for my next spirit guide - Only Love Wins.