Discover the Life-Changing Munay-Ki Course
Welcome to Munay-Ki – an experience that was meant to be.
The ancient Earthkeepers foresaw that the rites would find their way to those who were ready to receive them and embrace the call.
By undergoing the rites, you open yourself to the support of Earthkeepers from all times, who will guide you on your personal healing
journey. This healing energy also has a direct impact on the restoration of Pachamama, Mother Earth. Munay-Ki translates to "energy of love" in the Quechua language. The transmission of this energy is heart to heart, and it empowers you to carry the energy of universal love. The power of love can change the world if we all learn to live from the heart space. Those who receive the gift of Munay-Ki are encouraged to pass it on to others, initiating them into the energetic transmissions. This is a lineage of healing and conscious living, allowing you to become a wise and powerful person. By opening yourself to the wisdom of the Earthkeepers, you receive their blessings and become connected to the spiritual realm. The Munay-Ki course is a life-changing opportunity to connect with the universal energy of love.


‘The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.’ - Alberto Villoldo, founder.

RITE ONE - Helps us heal ourselves and by doing so, heal our ancestral lineage and help heal the planet.

RITE TWO - Offers us protection from the negative energy of these times and allows us to plant & germinate seeds of potential, allowing us to fully manifest our own reality.

RITE THREE - Balances and clears all 7 chakras, enabling us to be more grounded and embodied during these turbulent times

RITE FOUR - Awakens our inner Seer and our ability to perceive the invisible world by expanding our Third Eye abilities. It may help our innate powers of clairvoyance come online. You will see the shadow and light of others more easily and this will help us
cultivate discernment and identify False Light teachings. By helping us see parts of ourselves that were previously hidden, this rite will also help us with our own shadow work.

RITE FIVE - Connects us to a Lineage of master healers from the past helping our healing abilities develop exponentially.

RITE SIX - Connects us to luminous beings from the past and allows us to step outside linear time and tap into the wisdom of this

RITE SEVEN - Teaches us that ‘we are what we think’, everything arises from our thoughts and we create our world into being. We,
therefore, have the ability to co-create Heaven on Earth. They teach us that all creation is vibration and light, everything is a dream that we are projecting onto the world. This practice and wisdom teaches you how to rewrite your stories, to do what the shamans call ‘dreaming the world into being.’ The Laika had the knowledge about human beings’ capacity to manifest their dreams. They have known about the luminous nature of reality for millennia.

RITE EIGHT - This rite connects you to the Star nations and prepares your Luminous Energy Field for the changing energies on Earth at this time, allowing you to step beyond time and become a Homo Luminous being or Earth Angel. The Starkeepers are here to assist us in our healing and the harmony and transformation of the whole planet, dreaming a New Earth into being. This rite anchors you safely to the time of great change.

RITE NINE - This rite awakens the Creator-light within you and brings forth a sense of stewardship of all living things. We are God source consciousness embodied, we can shift back to the heaven on earth paradigm that we experienced during Lemuria.




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