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Testimonials from clients and customers

    • Raffaella  
    • Whilst visiting Glastonbury from London. I was recommended Dianne for a healing. I am so glad I went as I had the most amazing healing. I feel so relaxed and alive. Dianne has such a calming spirit and made me feel so comfortable! She is a must visit for all healings x

      Thank you again Dianne.

      Raffaella xx

    • Emma  
    • I'm seen a lot of different healers and body workers but Dianne has really blown me away. I've had 2 Energy healing sessions with her now and in both instances they were exceptional. She is incredibly humble and has this amazing ability to get herself out the way so what needs to be healed has space to express itself. She has a longstanding working relationship with the Ascended Masters and Angels and her Crystal Skull Starla, and operating together out of the high frequency space makes for pure Magic. It doesn't matter what you believe or understand about the human body and surrounding energy bodies, what matters is the results, and for me the results were a sense of cleansing, relaxation, support and grace that left me a cleaner, more vibrant version of myself to take out into the world. I could literally feel the energies moving in the body! Incredible. And I've met a number of other clients of hers here in Glastonbury who've all had similar experiences. Dianne is the hidden Gem of Glastonbury and she's shining brightly. I feel blessed to have met her. Thanks xxx

    • Sarah  
    • I have had several reiki sessions and Dianne is always sensitive and intuitive. I have always come away with a sense of calm and peace and a real positivity. Dianne is a gifted practitioner and I will really miss her but wish all the best for exciting new ventures.

    • Angie  
    • I had a healing treatment recently it was very uplifting and positive just what I needed. Shame Dianne is leaving the area, I wish her well.

    • John 
    • Thank you for all your hard work. Good luck in Glastonbury!

    • Sarah 
    • I so look forward to my reflexology sessions which I have regularly. They keep me relaxed and give me a real burst of energy . I wouldn't be without them!

    • Bruce  
    • Love this shop. Great products and Dianne really knows her stuff. Would highly recommend

    • Vittoria  
    • Dianne has performed reiki and various other healing treatments for me over the last five years of which I have always found positive results.
      I have always found her to be reliable, insightful, accurate and sensitive in all she has done for me and always look forward to seeing her again.

    • Sally 
    • There are times when we need grounding also affirmation of what we know to be true. Over the summer I experienced this and more after several energy healing sessions with her.
      Dianne is a remarkable and gifted healer. A highly evolved and empathic soul. At times the sessions were challenging, yet I always came away feeling a profound and deep sense of peace. There has been a major shift in my consciousness that has had a positive impact upon many aspects of my life. The most significant effect has been the regaining of my confidence having completely lost my nerve riding my horses. They have both felt this shift and my relationship with them is now on a different and deeper level.
      Dianne is an incandescent light in these somewhat dark times. All her work radiates with the vibrant essence of unconditional love. She truly gives from her heart.

    • John 
    • Your energy healing has been helping me so much. I feel a great sense of peace and elation afterwards.

    • Hannah
    • I am currently receiving a healing course with Dianne. Following the first treatment I immediately felt lighter (like a wait had been lifted off me) I have suffered with depression and anxiety for 5 years, I really feel as thought the dark cloud is lifting. Second treatment again has been very uplifting and I feel a great energy boost . I feel as though the healing is lifting me back up after a huge 5 year fall. Thank you and I look forward to my next session.

    • Darren
    • My massage was excellent. Made me feel like a new man. It really helped my back after I had a bad fall. The ambiance in the shop with all the crystals is really relaxing and I love the crystal shop anyway and have have bought loads of crystals and stones. Thank you xx

    • Nibal
    • "I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to Dianne while on a Whale spotting excursion in New Zealand when I had what can only be described as a recollection of a past life injury. I felt like my stomach had been sliced open and I was bleeding to death. Though a memory, the pain was very real and uncomfortable.

      Using her unique style of healing, which combines intuition, working with healing deities, and a general no nonsense approach sprinkled with plenty of humour, Dianne was able to see exactly what was happening and created a safe and comforting environment for healing. Not too easy considering we were on a large boat full of people. The healing session was so successful I was still able to enjoy seeing the whales and dolphins.

      I have no hesitation in recommending Dianne for all of your healing needs."

    • Michele
    • It was so lovely to meet you today. You have an amazing shop and your time and attention today to discuss my husband's skin condition was invaluable. Looking forward to visiting again soon to see your Neal's Yard oils. Michele x

    • Mel  
    • I can thoroughly recommend the Spiritulism Workshop 101 which I attended yesterday led with great enthusiasm by Dianne,
      It was good to learn how to cleanse through the chakras , cut harmful or redundant cords and the importance of love and protecting yourself from harm .
      Her approach is relaxed , warm and very informative and the Workshop meditation sessions were really helpful inclusions .
      By the end of the Workshop I felt " lighter " and that my batteries had been re- charged .

    • Josh 
    • Best crystal shop in Northamptonshire.

    • Elaine
    • We are very lucky that Dianne came and set up her unique and very special shop. Dianne is a beacon of light for so many people and has been very generous with her time and space. In addition to all the wonderful crystals, and gifts that she stocks in the shop Dianne is also a gifted healer and therapist and if you are struggling with physical, emotional or spiritual problems, then I can really recommend you go and see her. Elaine Nuelle

    • Helen
    • Dianne is more than just a skilled therapist. She combines her natural talents with keen intuition to deliver to her clients a remarkable healing whatever therapy is being offered. Whether it is a deep emotional issue that needs healing, a sore muscle, or the opportunity to just relax be assured you could not be in better hands. Thanks for all your help, look forward to the next session. Helen X