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From the earliest moments of my life, I've been attuned to my psychic abilities, an awareness that initially left me feeling frightened and isolated during my childhood as no one could offer explanations for these phenomena. In my teenage years, a quest for answers led me to spiritual churches, but early adulthood and marriage caused me to temporarily set aside my pursuit of knowledge. However, by the age of 26, I found myself exploring various denominations and organized religions, yet the personal void persisted.

My journey unfolded through an exploration of diverse modalities, including homeopathy, iridology, kinesiology, crystals, chiropractic care, flower remedies, gardening, diet and nutrition, astrology, acupuncture, aroma therapy, and Feng Shui. Despite embracing these practices, a significant gap in my life remained.

In 2003, personal changes prompted me to undergo energy healing in Australia, revealing a transformative world of benefits. Subsequently, I immersed myself in numerous courses and embarked on nine journeys to Egypt for Equinoxes and Solstices, studying and learning to work with energy. Traveling to places like New Zealand, Sedona, and Guatemala enriched my understanding and contributed to my personal healing, shaping me into a clearer channel.

As a lightworker, I operate independently, guided by my inner wisdom, unaffiliated with any religion, cult, sect, or following. Embracing a diverse array of teachers, my knowledge is both eclectic and unbiased. Working closely with Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the Clients' own spirit guides, I now offer my services to others, aspiring to raise awareness, promote unity, and foster healing to bring peace, love, and light to our beautiful planet.

In addition to being light language attuned, I am currently studying Akashic therapy, which involves accessing the Akashic Records to gain insight and healing guidance. Continuously traveling to sacred sites around the world, I deepen my connection to spiritual energies and expand my healing abilities.

Grounded and practical in my approach, I previously owned a delightful crystal shop in Northamptonshire, my peaceful haven, and worked at the Westlake Clinic on Harley Street, London. Currently, I offer therapies from a bespoke therapy room in Glastonbury Town Centre, where I continue to share the gifts that bring me happiness.

Welcome to wonderland. Go down the rabbit hole, find your wound and heal it. High energy sites throughout the world are known to raise deep seated emotions, to bring them to conciousness so they can be healed. Glastonbury is one such site and so many healers of various modalities are here to work with those people who choose to shift any negative feelings or emotions from their energy fields and work towards healing.

Every time a negative emotion, energy, or blockage is released and transmuted into pure unconditional love, returning to its rightful place in the universe, the entire planet becomes a little bit lighter.

With love, peace, and light,

Dianne x



Light Language attuned

Physiology and Anatomy VTCT

Swedish Massage VTCT

Reflexology VTCT

Crystal Healing VTCT

Tarot Reading Diploma

Angel Card Readings

Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher / Practitioner

Egyptian Seichem Master Teacher / Practitioner

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concepts

Flower of Life workshop 2006

Years of practical experience

Ancient Mongolian Crystal Skull Guardian

Harley St Practitioner 2015

Crystal Shop owner 2012-2016



A little more understanding:

Reiki - Dr Mikao Usui (1864-1926) said 'Reiki is love (compassion), Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well-being, Well-being is freedom from disease'.

'Rei' is the Source or Spiritual Energy that guides the creation and function of the universe, our soul is part of this energy.

'Ki' - is the life force energy which surrounds and flows through everything including our bodies. Together they create a sacred frequency of Source energy that is very powerful in healing.

Seichem - uses Reiki energy as the earth element, Sakara as the Fire element working in the electro-magnetic aura and cleanses the chakras, Soph-iel as the water element aiding in emotional healing, opening the heart to receive love and feel compassion and reaching deep into the core to find the source of disturbance and Angelic light as the air element, clients often experience healing no-where near to the healers hands.

Chakra and Aura Clearing and Balancing - Using a combination of Reiki and Seichem healing methods to clear and balance the chakra's and aura. This creates a very complete healing session which is very soothing and relaxing, many clients fall asleep during this session.

Card readings - are done, when called for, as a part of your healing package.

Crystals - have different healing properties and are intuitively used in all healing sessions.

Remote Healing - either practice, Magnified or Reiki & Seichem, can be done remotely ie where I work from my home on the client who is at their home.


Ramblings from my mind :)

Whatever you give energy to expands so keep your thoughts, feelings and emotions coming from love.  When you come from love you have confidence and integrity so there is never anything to reproach yourself with.

Ego is a tricky thing, it is that little voice in your head that puts you down and stops you from being all that you can be.  It feeds on all the negativity of fear filled feelings and emotions. 

A shift in perception is a miracle.

Every thought you have is like a prayer to the universe and it will be answered … you will create what you have thought. 

The less we are hooked into negative burdens, the perception of burdens and other peoples issues the freer we become and the more able we are to listen to our intuition and follow our own inner guidance, the more at peace we are.

Love – gratitude, compassion, generosity, acceptance, joy, laughter, happiness, light, honesty, integrity, wholeness, trust, oneness etc

Fear – ego – illusion – judgement, criticism, blame, shame, guilt, gossip, anger, abuse, control, manipulation, separation, anxiety, stress etc

Use energy healing to shift out of fear and into love. By default you are a being of love but sometimes life can overwhelm us and we slip into fear, once in fear we are open to all sorts of abuse.  The energy healing is a fast efficient way of shifting from fear back into love so that we can be all that we are.



The following disclaimers are in line with the consumer protection from unfair trading regulations 2008:

Alternative healing is not a substitute for your medical practitioner’s advice and I will insist you take your doctor or medical practitioner's advice as complimentary therapies work together with conventional medicine.  Whilst many people have reported physical and / or emotional benefits from attending healing sessions I cannot promise or guarantee any particular result. Any clairvoyance work is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to mislead any persons in any way. Any techniques used are not intended to diagnose or prescribe and are in no way a substitute for the clients own inner guidance or consultation with a licensed health care professional. I never make claim to be able to heal a person but do believe in a combination of allopathic (western) and alternative healing treatments.