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Visiting Glastonbury, Somerset, UK?  Interested in a profound spiritual journey that uplifts your spirit and taps into universal energies? Consider Reiki Level 1 for a one-day transformative experience, book online for this course. Alternatively, delve into our deeply fullfilling two-day Munay-Ki Foundational Rites course, contact us via email at [email protected] to secure your spot for Munay-Ki. Find additional details on the tabs above. Or try Crystal Healing, Reiki & Seichem Chakra and Aura cleans and balance, Reflexology or Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage .... Relax

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and embrace the enchantment that surrounds you.

Choose one therapy from list A and one therapy from list B to make a luxurious two hour healing session

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List a Body Work



Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

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List b Energy healing

Crystal Healing Therapy


Reiki and Seichem Therapy

Both these therapies clear, cleans and balance the Chakra's and Aura

In the embrace of this sacred sanctuary, Dianne Allison, a seasoned alchemist of the soul and former luminary of Harley Street, extends her benevolent hands within this bespoke haven of restoration.

From List A, select a note that resonates with the symphony of your being, and from List B, find a complementary melody to orchestrate a 2-hour healing concerto. For those with a mere hour to spare, surrender to the vibrational cadence of a single therapy, for even the briefest pause holds the potential for transformation.

1. List A - Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage as the healing energies of Reiki & Seichem flow – Immerse yourself in the high-vibrational ambiance as the healing hands dance across your back, neck, and shoulders. Feel the ebb and flow of Reiki energy, a cleansing tide that releases knots, tension, and the burdens of stress. This bespoke session is harmonious relaxation, a holistic massage that transcends the physical to touch the very essence of your being.

2. List A - Reflexology as the healing energies of Reiki & Seichem flow – Within the elevated vibrations, let the Reiki & Seichem healing energy cascade through your feet, anointing your entire being. As the Reflexology treatment unfolds, witness the clearing and balancing of energy fields and chakras, rejuvenation that resonates from your foundation.

3. List B - Crystal Healing Therapy – Envelop yourself in the crystalline embrace as healing stones adorn the energy centres of your body. Experience the clearing, cleansing, and balancing of your chakras, of radiant energy that transcends the material realm.

4. List B - Reiki & Seichem Energy Healing – Immerse yourself in the celestial fusion of Reiki & Seichem, a gentle breeze that clears and balances chakras and aura. As this profound healing session unfolds, surrender to the soothing waves, where many find solace in peaceful slumber.

In harmony and light,


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The following disclaimers are in line with the consumer protection from unfair trading regulations 2008:

Alternative healing is not a substitute for your medical practitioner’s advice and I will insist you take your doctor or medical practitioner's advice as complimentary therapies work together with conventional medicine.  Whilst many people have reported physical and / or emotional benefits from attending healing sessions I cannot promise or guarantee any particular result. Any clairvoyance work is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to mislead any persons in any way. Any techniques used are not intended to diagnose or prescribe and are in no way a substitute for the clients own inner guidance or consultation with a licensed health care professional. I never make claim to be able to heal a person but do believe in a combination of allopathic (western) and alternative healing treatments.