Settle down beside me

Pour yourself a drink

i have a story I need to tell

Once you've clicked upon this link

I went on a spiritual journey

A global trot you’ll see

To find the meaning of it all

To find meaning inside of me

It wasn’t all that pretty

I had a lot to overcome

The challenges were awesome

A lot of it was fun

If you’re a bored person

Stuck in the 3D

Escaping with a glass of wine

And a shopping spree

Then this is a book to wake you up

There is more to life

I broke out of my gilded cage

And ended all my strife

My story is filled with pitfalls

challenges and confusion

I battled against the norm

Until I let go of all illusion

Journey with me into the esoteric

Learn about another life

Of ancient wisdom and philosophy

That exists upon this earth

Kaye Stokes rated it amazing  'This book is a must read for people searching for there truth. It takes us through the ups and downs of life, Alice has captured my heart with her honesty, and wit. You will laugh and cry at her at times hilarious antics, Brilliantly written.' 

Christine Poulton Sat 6th Jun 2020 at 15:50 Helpful and enlightening book. I loved the way it was written with poems and Easy to read healing and guidance points. The storyline was enthralling!

Debbie  Geary Sat 6th Jun 2020 at 15:50 'I have have known Alice for a long time and i am enjoying her book. Very informative and perhaps a bit of a self help book for some people that are going though similar things in life that perhaps this book will bring to there attention. And their healing. Worth a read.'

Opalset July 31, 2020 I enjoyed this book. 'Some real insights in coping with trauma and narcissists and finding peace. A very different attitude to life than me, so interesting to see it through Alice's perspective.'

Post by Saint Bruno » 23 Jan 2021, 12:14  [Following is an official review of "Alice's Ego" by Alice Sanza.]

'In Alice's Ego, the author, Alice Sanza, tells us an emotional tale of self-discovery. The protagonist, Alice, is a middle-aged woman who recounts her journey in life. She highlights her devastating divorce from her narcissistic husband, Steve, and how he cunningly ensured she lost everything in the divorce. Growing up wasn't any better for Alice because she suffered the same narcissistic abuse from her parents, especially her father.As a result, Alice becomes more inclined to spirituality, self-awakening, and ancient wisdom. In one of her spiritual journeys, she meets a younger woman, Matilda, who also seeks to control her. Matilda's life seemed to mirror that of her ex-husband, Steve. While Steve set her up to lose everything in their divorce, Matilda is bent on using lies and witchcraft to ensure her husband also loses everything. Will Alice be able to liberate herself from Matilda? Will she be able to rise above all these narcissistic abuses and enjoy her life? You have to read this 210-page book to find out.
Firstly, I don't think any plot synopsis can do justice to the amount of information available in this book. Haven't we all been in a situation where our benevolence was perceived as weakness? What about our quest to understand our purpose in life? The author tries to engage the reader through an exciting writing style while dishing out lessons and insights into the metaphysical realm. There seems to be something for everyone to learn from in this book.
I enjoyed the protagonist's unique methods of dealing with abuse, insecurity, and other challenges. I think that her journey of self-discovery will inspire readers to follow her healing path. What I liked the most about this book is its message of determination. It is clear from Alice's story that giving up isn't an option if one must succeed. Also, I must commend the author for bringing issues like alcoholism to light in this book. Readers will learn from the mistakes of the characters in the book and be inspired to do better.
Furthermore, the author uses the first-person point of view in her narrations. I found this style to help me connect better with the innermost feelings of the protagonist. I struggled a bit with the non-linear sequence of events in the book. Yes, chapter headings indicate the year and location of the events therein, but I found keeping up with the different timelines challenging at the beginning of the book.
Another aspect of the book that I like is the inclusion of poems in it. My favorite is the one titled 'Squirrel.' I love how it talks about pursuing our goals despite the dangers on the way.
I recommend this book to readers who enjoy fictionalized self-discovery books, especially those willing to explore the metaphysical realms to achieve healing and peace.'

Kaye Stokes  Fri 12th Jun 2020 at 02:32 'I read and enjoyed every page. Alice’s Ego book is a must -read for those of us in search of a greater understanding of themselves and of their truth .. it is written with eloquence and wit , I loved the poems the way the words just flowed with the ups and downs of life.  Brilliant.'

Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars Spiritual and reflective December 19, 2020. 'Told with raw emotion and real insights and reflections, the author shows us her journeys to becoming her current, healed and balanced self. As she tells about the series of events that lead her to and through her insights and recovery, we learn alongside her as she discovers how to come to terms with what life has brought her. Her healing path is a source of inspiration to others that may be looking to grow in this lifetime as well and I found that her message of determination is one that will help to guide others who may find themselves on a similar personal path. Her methods of self-discovery are unique and intriguing. And, they are successful! As I laughed, cried, shook my head in wonder, and smiled with joy as I read this book, I realized that this is something everyone looking to heal themselves from the inside should read and consider to guide their own path.'

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'I don't want to just get by, to cope emotionally. I want to thrive, relish, love, comprehend and enjoy every moment!' Said Alice. 'This is my life!'

I published this book because a friend, who managed a home for domestically abused women, said women who fake domestic abuse make her job very difficult and make it more difficult or prevent those in genuine need from getting the help and support they need particularly in the courts.

Somewhere in the back on my mind I felt guided to write a book about using alternative healing therapies to overcome narcissistic abuse. I wanted to write a fun story that would engage the reader in my crazy protagonist’s adventures, telling of a chase around the world.

The ego is the small voice inside us that tells us we can’t or are not good enough etc. It can be masked with all sorts of bravado, showmanship, arrogance and materialism etc; called egotistical. This is the story of how Alice got hers and how she healed it in a very unconventional manner. 
Enjoy !

Alice xx